About Me

Hi! My name is Kirsten!  How 'bout I tell you a little about me.....
I am married to the most handsome &  amazing man that also happens to be my best friend!
I am also blessed to be the mother to 3 angels. One beautiful girl on earth and two sweet boys in heaven. I love spending time with my family.  Family is EVERYTHING!

So, because this blog is name "Mushki Loves"  I thought I would share some of my loves with you...
These are a few of the things I love and make me happy! Snuggling with my Hubby and Pretty Princess.  Going to visit my parents and my Hubby's parents.   Chatting on the phone with my Sister.  I have the best family that a girl could ask for!  I love them all so much!  Going on a "surprise" date with my hubby.  Cooking something new for the first time and hearing..."Ooh, this is so good!"  Love  it!   When my house has just been cleaned, and  the carpet is fluffy from the vacuum!  Instant love, love, love.  The days when I can stay in my jam's all day long, (Oh, and getting a new pair of jam's is the best!)  When my toes are freshly painted.  Using a new tube of mascara for the first time.  Eating Beto's Nachos, MMMMM....love their guacamole.  The smell of  a warm summer rain, as long as it doesn't mess up my hair do!  Wearing Flip Flops! I love to give away my smiles....you never know who might need one, it just might make their day!

And just case... I thought you might want to know what I Don't like..yes...no.... well...it isn't a very long list....
I DON'T like being cold, in fact I sit in front of a space heater blowing high heat in the winter mornings with my blanket of course!  I don't like mopping, scrubbing the shower, or when my dogs track mud/dirt in the house because then....I have to mop! UGH!  

Before we were married my hubby  came up with this nickname for me..."moo-sh-key"  (where the heck it came from...he doesn't know) thus the name of my blog.  Many of  the things I love you will find here in my blog. Family, crafts, tutorials,and yummy recipes.  I hope that I can inspire you as others have been an inspiration to me! Now lets craft, cook,  and smile!

Thanks for stopping by!