Monday, March 12, 2012

Special Event Style Makeup

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 Do any of you have special events to attend? 

What do you consider a special event? 

For me a special event would be going to a baptism for a niece or nephew.  
A church function or a family event, or going out for a date night with the hubby! 

(I know, pretty sad, no Angelina Jolie functions going on here!)

 You always want to look nice when you go out in public though don't you?
 {My Mom was so big on that, and it is definitely something I have carried on... and am so thankful she instilled in us as children)
Whether you are going to dinner and movie with the hubby, or any other special event...
 you want to look great...Right!?
 So, I wanted to take a sec and give you a peek into the make up I use.
 I am pretty simple. 
 Eyeshadow,Mascara,lip gloss (Vaseline) ,foundation  and I'm set. 

I use: 
-Cover Girl powder foundation
-Cover Girl invisible concealer
-Loreal Voluminous Mascara (Black/Brown)
-Loreal 825 Gilded Bronze
-Loreal 830 Deep Mocha
-Vaseline lip therapy

 I use the Cover Girl Invisible concealer and dot the sun spot or acne spots. Then I apply the powder foundation over my entire face. Eyes included.  I use my brush and "comb" my eyebrows.
(They need to be combed too! )
 I start by applying the Loreal Gilded Bronze on my entire eye lid, with a eyeshadow brush. Then I apply the Deep Mocha with the other eyeshadow brush. I start off by using the tip and apply some under my eye (like eyeliner) Then I apply it to the top of my eyelid up to the brow bone. 

 Next, I apply my mascara with the tip of the mascara brush and run it back and forth on my eyelashes until they are covered with it.  Then I use the length of the  brush and begin at the base and brush them in an upward motion.
 ( I don't use a eyelash curler...because I can't stand the thought of it near my eye) 
 I actually will hold  the brush at the base,holding my eyelashes up so that they stay "up".  I have long eyelashes, so it works for me! For the bottom lashes I just run the tip over them a couple times. 
I make sure that I don not touch my skin.  If I do...I use a Q-tip with Make-up remover on it and make sure I get it off...

After that I use my Vaseline Lip therapy ....

And I'm set!
 If you want to add more color to your lips, a great trick I learned is to use some lip liner and then apply the vaseline to your lips. It works too! It will give your lips a pretty glossy look with some color!

Really simple yet...I think...still put together.
 The great thing is all of these products I you can pick up inexpensively! 


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