Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine Day Part 3

There were so many super cute Valentine ideas on Pinterest.
 I had an idea of what I wanted to do this year for Pretty Princess' class in my head for awhile and I was so excited to use the Memory Suite Scrapbooking Software and design the coolest tops for these little bags I got...but then my computer had to go and crash and take everything with it!

 Including the software!

So, what do you do?

You improvise!

 Maybe they aren't as cute as I envisioned, but Pretty Princess loved them and was excited to give them out.

Want to see 'em?
Happy Valentine's Day!

Scrapbook Paper
Small Jewelry bags
Hot Lip candy (like cinnamon bears)

These were really simple to make.  The bags I got at Walmart in the jewelry section for $1.00.
We bought the lips in the bulk section and put 4 lips in each bag. 
Seal the baggies up, then add your scrapbook paper and paper with the printed words to it and you're set!

 We used the font Parchment.  
Easy Peasy!

Next up: I made another scrabble art frame.

I loved this scrapbook paper! So cute!
 The frame is from the DI, it's getting a new paint job! I'm trying to decide what color and what to put in it next!

Then I found these super cute free printable from Shindig parties to go I sort of fell madly in love with them so I HAD to make these too!

Seriously, are these just not the cutest!

Love it!


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