Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine Day Decor Part 1

I am so glad that I have a computer to myself so that I can put as much stuff on it that I want!
 Hubby is so paranoid about getting viruses because he's had like 3 and had to get the computers fixed! 
 I just tell him that he should trust me...I haven't had any! 
{knock on wood}
 Anyway, now I can share some projects/Valentine Decor!

I didn't take a pic with the lights on....but you get the idea.
The red balls I scored (brand new) from the DI for $1.00.
The pink ones I got from Walmart after Christmas for $.75!

A closer look at the trees with the heart wire garland

When I saw how Kierste over at brown paper packages made some conversation blocks, I knew I NEEDED some too!  
 Love 'em!

I actually made one of these last year, but I remade one with some new paper in the colors I wanted!
I made one for At. Patrick's Day last year My St. Patrick's Day "Luck" Version  This awesome idea is from Jen at Tatertots and Jello

 The desk, with the rose ball! The idea from the fabulous Shelley from House of Smith's

Valentine Candy Corn  Pedestal Canisters.

Valentine Magnets!

                       That sums  up the decor here and there in the house!  Just a little bit here and there!

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