Monday, January 9, 2012

What have I missed ?



I'm still here. 

I haven't died or anything like that.

Life has just been happening.

You all know how that goes...Right?

Did you all have a awesome Christmas? A very happy New Year?

What did you all do?

We had a great Christmas, Pretty Princess got a little spoiled...
(just a tiny bit)

and then she turned 12 on the 2nd of January.

My baby is growing up...


I have missed out on so much in the bloggy-world!
I would love to see some of the yumminess and craftiness  that you have been doing!

So there will be three linky parties this week.

Today: What have I missed? It will run until Monday the 30th!
Tuesday: Mushki Loves My Stuff #14
Friday: Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

I can't wait to see what ya got!



Thanks for leaving some "LOVES" and making me smile!