Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thrift Store...Score!

So, I've told you all before how I used to think the thrift store was right out N.A.S.T.Y...
{like, I NEVER went into them...E.V.E.R}
Then  I started seeing all the treasures that other bloggers were finding and transforming into beauties for practically nothing!  Really? OK, I'll bite the bullet and go see what I could find.
Let's just say I got hooked...I got so bad I would have to go on Monday's because I just knew that people just had a yard sale the previous weekend and there would be some "good stuff"
I got to know when the best times to go were so I wasn't fighting the people to look at what was being brought out from the back.
People walk around the store following the carts, just waiting for them to stop so they can start grabbing away. 
{The first time I saw it, I was like," WHAT IS GOING ON!"}

Anyway,  Look at these beauties!

My Glitter-y J.O.Y. letters

They were a transformation waiting to happen and for $1.50...SCORE! I knew I could make them into beauties! 

1.  Wood letters that had been painted on the backs which looked good, and Christmas wrapping paper covered the fronts.  I ripped off all the paper that I could and then sanded the tops until they were smooth.
2. I used Mod Podge , Red, Silver,Green Glitter
3. I covered the top with Mod Podge (kinda heavy coat) and then Glittered
4. Still Glittering.
5. I used Rustoleum clear coat spray (sorry no picture of that) and coated the glitter with it so that it wouldn't come off!

Worked like a charm and now I have these cuties that have been turned into beauties, that coat me $2.00 total.
I already had the mod podge, I bought the glitter in a 3 pack at the dollar store (and I still have lots left over.)

What's your latest thrift store find?


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