Sunday, November 27, 2011

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

Have you all seen those cute little card stock,plastic,filled with chocolate Christmas calendars?  I remember when my Grandma bought my Princess her first one when she was little. 
I bought them up until...Well...last year...  
Then In enrichment we made these really cute muffin tin countdowns found at Your Creative Juices 
Tami is so adorable!  She was over the Enrichment in our ward.  
She and her sisters have an AMAZING BLOG! 
this summer I was browsing around the DI (my local thrift Store) and I came across a brand new bag filled with cute little tins for $2.00.
I starred at them for a minute and then stuffed them into my cart, I was walking around with them wondering what I would do with these...I just knew I could find a use for these cuties! 
 Then it hit me.... When my love for blogs started last year around this time, I saw so many cute Christmas countdowns that I fell in love with and the one I liked the most were ones with little jars or tins attached to a board or pizza pan.
So, the idea was born and this is what these were going to be used for!
  I wanted it to resemble a tree. 
I saw this idea on a blog last year, I wish I knew where so I could give them the proper credit!

This is how I made mine!

I used:
-Glue Gun
-Metal Tins
-1 sheet green scrapbook paper
-1/4 sheet brown scrapbook paper
-White Paint/Brush
-Black Vinyl
-Papers with activities typed on it

1. SEE!  Isn't his the perfect sized little tin!
2. I used my 1 1/2 circle punch to cut out the 24 circles to fit on the top of the tins!
3. Cut four BROWN circles for the trunk
4. Cut 20 GREEN circles for the tree
5. All ready to glue together!
6. Make a "squiggly" line with your hot glue on top of the lids
7. Place the green/brown circle on it.
8. Fill your tin with a treat
9. In some I put a little note with fun things we will do this month!
10. Cut out the numbers and place them on top of the colored circles
11. Embellish the way you want
12. CUTE!

Here's the link to the  Numbers. The font I used for the vinyl was Elise.    I layed the tins out in a tree shape and measured it to see how big of a frame I would need.   It was 24 X 18.    So I headed to the thrift store  they didn't have a frame, but I found this piece of wood that had a painting on it. 
It I just painted over it and sanded the edges.

I know, check out the #14...crooked..but, the great thing is, all I have to do is turn the lid!

I pretty much used any tiny cute thing I could find to embellish it!
I used Dice,Ribbon, lace,Pearls, Beads,jute,lace,tiny clothes pin

 Stones,Staples,Other Scrapbook Paper, Torn Paper...Music can use anything you want!
After I cut out each of the number circles, I used a tiny bit of distress ink on edges.

I filled the tins with Ande' mint chocolates and the little things to do this month. like...Watch Frosty together,Rudolph, Read the Night Before Christmas, Go look at Christmas lights...AND Christmas Village, Read Snowmen at night, 
Have you ever read those? SUPER CUTE! K I have to go find the link...
Snowmen at Night I hooked you up!  
I promise!  You will love it!

Let the countdown to SANTA begin!

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  1. Thats very creative. Here in Australia the shops sell chocolate advent calenders (which I hate). I am going to have to make one, and I love your idea.

  2. {LOVE} shared this on my COM-FB page. winks, jen

  3. Thanks for the great idea <3 Found it linked on FB via Jen (COM). I'm from Australia too, Sarah :)

  4. such a darling idea! love this :)

  5. SO cute! I'm hosting an advent link party and would love for you to join!

  6. This is so cute! I love your little Santa on top! Thanks so much for linking up to The Creative Spark - I love having you!
    Jenn :)


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