Monday, November 21, 2011

O' Christmas Tree!

Christmas Decor is up and I'm loving it!
This is my most favorite time of year! REALLY!
The Music on the radio...the colored lights...the snow....the magical feeling...Love it all! As a little girl I was always asking my mom when we were going to "put up Christmas" 
My Pretty Princess is the same way, it's so funny because this kiddo would rather help decorate than hangout with her friends.

It's all done! 

You want to see?

Sorry about the pictures being a little blurry...I am so not a good picture taker!
These trees are in a family room year round, I decorate them for each season!  The colors on this tree are white,red,lime green!  Love these! 
I picked them up at Costco a few years ago!

This cute little deer I picked up at the thrift store with a matching one that lays down. Both for $2.00!  They were gold...I painted them white and am looking for the perfect ribbon to put around their necks.  
What do you think ribbon or no ribbon? 
The cute "Season of Peace" plate I also got at the thrift store...$1.50! 

The top of the mantel and stockings.  I love the "old" feel of the furry stockings...
and how they are bright red with white!

 When Jeremy and I were in the nursery in our ward,  MANY years ago! A sweet little girl gave us this little Gingerbread Man and I think it is just too cute! It sits on the kitchen counter.  Along with the jar I picked up at the thrift store for $.75.  It already had the vinyl snowflakes on it! I 
 just filled it  with Christmas candy corn and tied on the cute ribbon. (The candy corn is from last year..not good to eat!)
My Pedestal Canisters filled with filler from the dollar store.  I decided after gaining 5 lbs. NO Christmas candy corn..I needed something not edible! I'm trying to decide if I want to add some tags or wood letters to these...

Corner Hutch in the kitchen....that I really want to repaint...with cute snowmen on it!

Snowmen in the little office!

Colorful lights in the Loft!  Old Patchwork Christmas Angels and raffia...
This is for the Hubby~
we have had these decorations for 12 years and he {hearts} them...

Garland and ornaments with Gingerbread Men and Women on the banister

I had a bunch of cinnamon pine cones so we filled a basket, added some lights and I made the little Believe in the Magic block ...I'll tell you how I did that....later.

I love this BELIEVE sign!  It is metal and I picked it up at Ross for $3.99 a few years ago!

This is what is on my front porch!   I got the ladder for a estate sale, the wooden snowman from my mom...the rest is from the dollar store or thrift store.

I planned on painting this ladder white and staining it around the year....
I really like how things have turned out!  I didn't show you my wreaths...I'll post about those tomorrow!
So there you have it...the Giles' decor!

Do you decorate for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving...or do you wait until AFTER? 



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