Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thoughtful Morning

This was the way our morning went... Wake up : 6:45AM

Me: "Hey Jen, It's time to get up."
Jen: "K Mom, just give me a sec to wake up"
Me: "K, I'm going to get in the shower so please be up by the time I get out."
Jen: "K, Will you start my shower for me?"
Me: "No...when you get up just hop in."

20 minutes later...Jen is in the bathroom! YAY! I didn't have a arguing match with her! I go get her lunch ready, make her some toast, get her insulin ready, and then come upstairs. This had taken at least 10-15 minutes. I don't hear the shower running, just water running...like filling the tub, running. So I knock on the bathroom door, open it, and there she is just sitting in a tub of water with the water just running on her, and I start grumping....
Do you have your clothes ready? "Come on ! Get out of the tub!" H.U.R.R.Y!!!
It is now almost 7:30 AM and she still has to get dressed, blow dry and style her hair, eat breakfast, take her insulin, brush her teeth and make sure she puts on her deodorant! AND we still have to walk to the bus stop, pick up a friend on the way and do this all in 20 minutes!So she gets out, which takes her another 10 minutes!
(I am so not kidding) which then frustrates me more.She comes into my room, I tell her we don't have time to blow dry all of her hair.  We go into the bathroom so I can blow dry her bangs and flat iron them, I tell her as I'm putting Mousse on the back of her hair to check her blood before she eats...This is when she takes a piece of her toast, pulls the crust off, and shoves it in her mouth.The entire time watching me in the mirror to see my reaction!
Did she really just do that? 
Then I go off about how rude and disrespectful that was. How she is grounded, and then ask her why she did it.The answer is, "Because I wanted to just taste it!" Ok. fine, but the way she did it wasn't!
I tell her to go finish getting ready, I have to take the dogs out. By the time I'm bringing Remi back her friend calls to see where she is. She checks her blood, I give her in insulin, and we leave. Did she brush her teeth? Put on her deodorant? I don't even know! So we're off. We have Remi with us as we're walking. She tells me it's my turn to say morning prayer. I mumble, "Yeah, I sure need it since I'm walking Remi first this morning." She giggles. I say the prayer. We meet her friend at the corner and I walk behind them at first. Then realize they aren't going to talk if I'm there. So I walk ahead of them. Next thing I know I see two little kiddos running, their back packs flying back and forth on their backs. The little boy is running in front of his little sister and you hear him yell "Love you Dad!" The Dad (who is standing out on his porch watching them run to catch the bus) says,"Love you too!" Then the little girl  mimics the same thing to her Dad, and her tells her he loves her too. The whole time they are running, not looking back, then the little boy yells. "Have a great day at work Dad" and he chuckles and says "K". My first thought was, there is a lot of love in that home! Jen laughed and I almost wanted to cry. After the morning we just had, I felt so guilty. Was my house filled with "Love"? Why did I get so upset? I could have handled the situation better. Now we are at the bus stop and I continue walking, I turn and say,"Have a good day at school girls" You know, Jen is too big for the hugs and I love yous in public because it just isn't cool (Which has been kinda hard for me to get used to) . Then Jen yells..."Mom, I Love you!" I get all teary eyed and tell her I love her too!

Yeah, our morning wasn't the best, it was rushed,chaotic with a little grumpiness but,I know my Pretty Princess loves me and I sure love her, and just because some mornings are crazy, hurried, hectic and sometimes a "grump" happens  doesn't mean out house doesn't have love!

Thanks for listening love ya all!

How are your mornings? I'd love to know if they're anything like mine!



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