Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall...Meet My Sidekicks!

Today is the first day of Fall!  *SIGH*
My windows are open and I am enjoying the cool breeze! In fact, my toes were a little cold so I had to cover them with a blanket! My little Mr. Ru is snuggled up next to me. Love it!
Speaking of Ru, I need to introduce you to my "side kicks!"


Uhhh...yeah, my bed is a mess, my dress was just thrown on it...don't mind that though, just look and the cutie protecting his ball!

  AKA..Mr. Ru, Teeny Tine,Handsomest,Little Buddy, and Roogs  
{and anything else I can think to call him}
And yes, he knows all of his names!  Ruger is a Rat Terrier.  He is tiny yet a tough little guy.  He loves to snuggle, he knows I don't really like kisses (because of the way his breath smells...Umm..nasty)  I can say give me a hug-a-hug and he will lay his head against me and me just what I asked for!  He sure makes me happy.  He follows me every where except for when I'm cleaning after a while he realizes that I'm not going to sit down anytime soon, so he will just go to the top of the steps and lay and wait! He is very territorial.  He picks and chooses who he likes.  If he likes you...he LOVES you.  There is no in between with this little guy.

Meet Remi..

AKA ...Remington, Rems, Naughty Pants, Remmers.and Sunshine on my Shoulder.  Yes, She knows all her names too! { I think I may have a nickname problem..ya think?}
This little girl is so freaking adorable!  I just love her!  She is a German Shorthair Pointer.  She loves blankets and the little space heater.  She loves to lay in the sunshine.  She is so hyper and busy, hence her name Naughty Pants.  When she was tiny and Pretty Princess was getting ready to take a bath and her water was running, this little girl would jump right in the bath and start splashing away, digging at the running water!  When I would be unloading dishes from the dishwasher, she would just hop right up on the door that was laying out!  She keeps us laughing because of her sweet personality.  Her latest craze is chasing bugs and shadows.  I actually called the vet because it has become an obsession to her, she will lay in the light that comes through the windows and watch for bug shadows.  I got online and read that it could be a neurological problem.  When I called the vet, he told me that this breed in extremely hyper and can get bored easily, she is making up her "own game."  He suggested to take her for more walks, like long walks...he even said, when you think it's been long enough, go even further...Really?  She has the sweetest personality, you can look at her she will tilt her head in a way that lets you know she is trying to read you facial expression.  She is a "Talker"  She barks to let us know what she wants. She and Ruger are like day and night, yet best friends!

I had dogs growing up.  Hubby didn't so when he wanted to get a dog, I was like really? Okay, we have to get one that won't shed.  He chose ours and guess what!  They shed like crazy!  I vacuum twice a week  so there isn't so much hair!  I don't want my house to be one of those DOG houses.  So there you have it... tmy side kicks...The Ru and Rems love them! 

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  1. So I am in love with our dogs! HAHA if you couldnt tell I am a dog lover because of my Louise being pictured on the blog! I have a post from months back on why i love my basset hound lol... I am pathetic... I love their names as well and great shots you got especially of "Remington, Rems, Naughty Pants, Remmers.and Sunshine on my Shoulder." (yes I copy and pasted lol) the one where she is posing on the chair... And I have a dress that RU is protecting that looks JUST LIKE that lol I got mine at the animal kingdom at disney 3 years ago and I LOVE IT! I wear it all the time LOL
    Thanks again for coming over to Mommy2nanny3doggy1!
    Hope you can read more :0 i am diving into more of yours :)


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