Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall & Halloween Decor? YES!

Hi you guys!

Fall is right around the corner! YAY! I Love when the air gets cooler and the leaves are changing colors.  The decorations for fall just bring a smile to my face! Yes, I have already gotten  my Fall decor out.   Seeing the decor coming out in the stores and decorating my little craft booth  got me excited!  I know....I know.... about 1 month early...crazy?! I thought I would share with you all  one of my favorite decor pieces.... They just get spruced up for the seasons!

MY TREES. I love these things! They have white lights on them, we use them all the time especially when we are watching a movie and don't want the big overhead light on. My sweet sister gave these to me years ago we won't talk about how many years ago that was when she closed her candle making business. I LOVE them..... like really love them, I've tried to think about getting rid of them, but I just can't!  
WHERE I GOT THE DECOR: I got the leaves from my sister..(yes, she totally hooks me up!).  The wood pumpkins and cats I picked up at JoAnn's a few years ago... The glittered Trick-or-Treat & Happy Halloween signs I got at a boutique that is in my hometown.  It's called "Everything Your Heart Desires" they have the ca-utest stuff!  The Black Crows came from the good ole dollar store!  

 Ok, so I can't stop's a few more!

 I love these cute wood pumpkins I made last year at a girls night make and take type thing. My adorable  friend Jenn K.  is  AH-MAZING!  She cuts the wood and everything! She had the kits ready to go for us! Isn't the paper so awesome?!   Love these!

Last but not least is my Halloween Mantel decor...These are so fun!  Another friend showed us how to do all these cute jars at a Enrichment night!  Most of it came from the dollar store and thrift-store!  Easy and CUTE!

I will be showing you all how to make some old pickle jars,ragu jars, any cute jars that have fun lids..small and big! Vases etc. OOh, and be on the look out for old readers digest hardback book with the colors  that you like.... just gotta have a spell book too!

AND...I HAVE to have a  Salt City Pumpkin Spice candle...Yes, I have Scentsy warmers, I buy the pumpkin roll, the autumn sunset...but nothing smells as good to me as my Pumpkin Spice candle, so gotta have it!  MMMM!

What do you think?  Fun? Well, stick around because this month it's time for Halloween decor and recipes!

Have a super day!

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  1. I love those wooden pumpkins. I haven't seen any like that before.

  2. o i was so sad that summer was over tell i remembered about fall hehehe SOOO many fun things you can do!!! this is all darling!:)

  3. okay those wood pumpkins are adorable!

  4. The wood pumpkins are great. Love fall...I've joined as a follower. Please come by for a visit when you can and if you'd like to follow me, it would make my day.

  5. Cute decorations! I'm hosting a Fall Craft Challenge on my blog and I'd love for you to stop by.

  6. Cute stuff! I thought your house was way cute (and smelled good) when I came over. I love the wood pumpkins too. I want to come next time you guys do a craft night (I know it's not polite to ask to be invited) ;) but I keep hearing about the cute stuff Jenn makes.

  7. Can you hook us up with your friend's blog and perhaps get a pattern or purchase the pumpkins too?

  8. Can you hook us up with your friend's blog and perhaps get a pattern or purchase the pumpkins too?

  9. is there any way to purchase the pumpkin pattern that the scrapbooking paper is on? I can cut my own would love to make these for gifts !! thanks
    Gwen Mangelson

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