Sunday, September 18, 2011

Everything on my Mantel

Here it is! 
My Mantel all put together...

Here's the breakdown...

*From the dollar store*
 -plastic bugs
- plastic spiders
-spider web cloth
 -plastic skeletons
- some of the labels
-Black/Pinto Beans
 -Plastic Eyes

*From the thrift store*
-Most labels HERE
-Readers Digest books

-Soft (Gummy like) Mice

Some of the jars, I saved and spray painted the lids, added jute or ribbon.   What do you think?  Fun?
Now go make you some fun stuff!

Have a great day!

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Eyes of Newt...How to make your own labels
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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can't wait to decorate mine! I just need to get to the dollar store as well!

  2. You can get so many cute things at the Dollar Store. I need to make a run. I love that spooky netting. My kids won't let me put the Halloween stuff out but I may overrule them. The funnest holiday to decorate for.

  3. i love your mantle. you've added some fun details. It turned out great!


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