Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cereal Box Notebooks!

Hi Guys!

Are you all getting ready for school? Getting some shopping done? The school supplies? All that good stuff. Well, I have to show you all what we have been working on!


Are these cute or what!  I HAVE to share how easy and inexpensive these are to make!

Here's what you'll need:

-Cereal Boxes
-Spiral Notebooks
-Mod Podge/foam brush
-Something to bend the wire

Unbend the top of the spiral wire and then  bend it back a little so that you can unwind it and remover the top cover.
Ok, so I cut the the fronts of the boxes only for a few of them.
(Sorry I don't have the pictures)

They ended up being too small for the front cover, so if you cut them in advance make sure you 
cut the fronts AND the sides of the box!

Use the mod podge and spread a layer onto the notebook top, and then lay it onto the cereal box top.  Smooth it out so there are no "bubbles"

Cut the leftover side of the box off so it is all even.  You can use a hole punch and punch hole where you see the holes "were" if you want.

(Sorry about the blurry kinda makes your eyes go crossed, huh!?)
I used a small hole paper punch, and just punched where there were already holes.

Then I put it all back together the same way I took it apart.  As you can see, the holes were not perfect, but when it is all put together, you can't even tell!

See...can't even tell... Now I just gotta show you the rest, 'cause I HEART them they turned out so cute!

On the last three, they were the boxes that I had cut just the fronts, I mod podged those to the front of the notebooks, and put another coat on top of  the entire front.    They seem to be okay, but I really like the other better so...I see some more of these coming!  

What do you guys think?
Do you want to know how much they cost?

Notebooks  1.00 but you can get them for like .15 right now!
Mod podge...left over from other projects..

So these cost me ahem a whole whopping $1.00!
And the smile on Pretty Princess' face....

Worth a million!
Have a great day !

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  1. What a cute idea!!! And they look super easy to make (def an added bonus)! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think these turned out super cute!!

  3. These are darling and cereal is hip. I just bought my baby a shirt with Lucky Charms on it and I don't really have a reason, it was just cute! I will definitely do these notebooks!

  4. Such a cute idea! So creative!

  5. So Cute! Those are going to be a big hit at school!

    ~jan at The Paisley Cupcake

  6. These are great! I'm featuring your notebooks on my blog today. It's part of a Back to School DIY roundup. Come say hey and see what it's all about!:)


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