Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Twilight...Makeover Day!

Today Pretty Princess and I did a couple more things off our summer bucket list.  
We did mini makeovers which consisted of the flat iron, eyeshadow and mascara and since the plan was to watch DVD's, make popcorn and relax I wasn't to worried about how I was going to look...
Until I saw the picture of myself...
Plain and simple are nice words...Gosh, I didn't think I wore that much makeup but I looked right out...

Good thing P.Princess is my beauty!  I was actually surprised at how well she did.  She even did my mascara...It was just a little clumpy..{wink}

This kiddo has naturally curly hair{she hates it} so I did a side french braid and flat ironed her bangs.
A little eyeshadow, mascara and we called it good! Doesn't she have to die for eyelashes!

Then it was movie time..
Twilight...New Moon...Eclipse

We spent six hours watching the movies...then her BF called and  asked her to come swim, yeah she totally ditched me!
Oh well, it was still fun! I sure love this girlie to Itsy Bitsy pieces!

Good night all...
tomorrow I'll show you what I did when P. Princess went swimming!


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  1. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to watch those with me. Until then I will suffer alone on the couch when hubby is away. LOL


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