Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Decor....Still?

Good Afternoon My Sunshine(s)...

That's how I try to wake up P.Princess the first the time she actually gets up, I'm so not nice anymore Oh, and I say Good morning instead of Afternoon...of course! 
Ok, so I'm wondering, do you leave your seasonal decor up the entire month OR take it down right after the day is over? For me it depends on a few whether there are two holidays really close together for example St. Patrick's Day and Easter are usually pretty close so one goes up and one comes down. Or if there isn't a holiday it might stay up a little longer.  Do you do the same thing?  Well, this month I leave the decor up until the beginning of August.   I have been working on a couple things and
I finally finished them up.

The wood block flag idea found at Brown Paper Packages 
Her blog is so cute!  I Kirst-i-fied mine a little! 

I used 7 inch for the "bigger" stripes, 4" for the smaller ones and 2" for the blue. 

 I used a paint chip from Home Depot, cut out a star and mod podged it onto the wood.
I used sandpaper to "scuff" up the blocks and star.   Tied a ribbon around them to hold it together...

I have two sets one has stain, the other doesn't.  which do you like better?

  I also painted this cute little frame that I got at the dollar store and roughed it up and stained it and put the pledge of allegiance in it found here and then I copied and pasted it into office word and used the font "Eight Fifteen."

I used plain white computer paper, super simple and I'm liking it...even more now that I'm  finally finished!  
Now that July is almost over...I know, I know!


  1. I like the flag with the stain, it ties into the roughed up picture frame... I love that picture frame. I wish our dollar store had better frame selections:)

    Amanda Joy

  2. I love it all - but the pledge - where I am hooked! The boys have a bathroom where I am trying to get pictures of my fav presidents in black frames (would really love an Eisenhower pict) - and I think the pledge would be PERFECT! Love it!!!!!

  3. Love the stained blocks - a really good vintage look! And the framed pledge is wonderful. I think red white and blue work all summer long, from Memorial Day on.

    Found you on SITS!

  4. i love your craftiness!!! I am following back!!!! thanks!!!!!!

  5. I love this idea. I have been looking for wooden flags to put out in front of the house. Better get busy before the end of the month;)
    P.S. Yep it is a small world. Logan to Ogden ain't far at all.

  6. PPS. I am now a follower! Love your ideas. Thanks for following me back.


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