Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Bucket List

Hi Guys!

Are you all ready for summer?  We have been busy doing things outside to our soon-to-be yard.  We moved into our home last year in June.  We have been busy getting it ready for the sprinkler system and grass to be put in.  Gosh, leveling the dirt, hauling more in, raking out rocks and planting trees...Well, lets just say I hope this is the last home we buy-   EVER!   Although I do have to say, I'm thinking it's starting to look pretty darn good, and the feeling of accomplishment and knowing "WE" did most everything ourselves ..... is the best!   I can't wait for the sprinkler system to be installed in about a week and then the lawn a week later...YAY!
So now for some summer fun!

Okay, so have you all heard about a "Bucket List?"
I knew it was some kind-of list...kinda like a to do one... so I googled the definition of bucket list and here are a couple of them.

 1.  Definition of a Bucket List is: A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term "kicked the bucket".

{Uh...Don't like this definition to much!}

2.   A "Bucket list" is a list you make with friends of things you always say your going to do and don't.
 Not before you die...just for fun!

{Ahem...I like this one a little better}

But.... how about I make up my own definition: 
 3.  Kirsten's definition of a bucket list:  A list you make with your  mom, because she wants you to have a SUPER AWESOME SUMMER and do fun things  and so she doesn't forget before you go back to school!
(Ooh,  I L.O.V.E this one!}

I wanted to make MY cutie a list of things that we could do together or as a family before she has to go back to school! We sat down together and this is what we came up with:

Summer Bucket

1. Visit a bakery
2. go to the library
3. Visit the farmers market
4. go to a yard sale
5. Chuck-E-Cheese
6. Miniature golf
7. make homemade root beer
8. tie dye t-shirts
9. make smores
10. movie with popcorn in our pj’s
11. make homemade ice cream
12. make a lemonade stand
13. go to the pool
14. go to lagoon
15. go camping
16. have a sleepover with Grandparents
17. trip to claires in the mall
18. go to zeppes
19. hang out with Mom
20. hang out with Dad
21. go to a movie
22. go to the fair
23. go to the rodeo
24. have a makeover day
25. make a smoothie
26. go to the zoo
27. go to Boondocks
28. trip to the dollar store
29. late night with friends
30. sleep outside
31. make a tile necklace
32. make cookies
33. make cupcakes
34. have a pizza party
35. make ice cream sundaes
36. ride go carts
37. go to Nickel cade
38. go to fat cats
39. go bowling
40. go to lunch
41. have a picnic
42. write a play
43. go to a baseball game
44. learn to make spaghetti
45. make a babysitting kit
46. fly a kite
47. make a fun craft
48. learn how to sew
49. go visit old grave sites
50. go for a ride in the canyon
51. go to bear lake
52. go to the mall
53. go to the thrift store
54. go to the tree house
55. make a diabetes bracelet
56. make dinner
57. learn 13 articles of faith
58. watch twilight DVD’s
59. give a FHE lesson
60. buy new make up
61. learn how to apply it
62. buy new hair stuff
63. learn how to do your own hair
64. play rat-u-ki
65. play uno
66. make a craft

Uh, like my random capitalization? 
To make one like mine this is what you need:

1.  Frame
2.  Scrapbook Paper
3.  Computer/Printer
4.  Embellishments
5. Dry Erase Marker
6.  Jute
I got the frame at the dollar store.  I have a friend that gave me some of the Ca-utest paper!  Her blog is Jills Paper Jems she does the neatest scrapbook pages.  Go check her out she has some of the cutest stuff!  SERIOUSLY! 
I used my computer/printer to print it on the cute paper, the font I used for the list is "Digs My Hart".  For the words SUMMER and LIST the font  is "Mr. Giggles" and  for the word BUCKET  the font is "Tangerine". After I printed it out I tore the edges of the paper and used a plain sunshine-y yellow for the background...Embellish how you want to...tie a piece of ribbon or jute to a dry erase marker, stick the ribbon in between the backing of the frame and the glass. Just mark it off with the dry erase maker as you go...easy peasy!


Then you have a cute summer-y bucket list! 

I'm thinking summer fun!

It was fun to sit down with her and make this list!  So here's to a beginning of a fun summer!

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  1. What a cute cute CUTE idea! I'm going to do one for my kids!


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