Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty Princess' Teacher Gift

Hi You guys!
Tomorrow is the last day of school! It's kinda bittersweet for me. I LOVE that my Pretty Princess is home with me everyday,and we get to do fun things, but I'm sad that she is growing up so darn fast! She's going to be is sixth grade next year...Really? How did my "baby" grow up so fast?
 Okay, so I guess I should quit getting sappy and on with the gift I made. Her teacher is the best! I really adore this lady! She had taught my sweetie so much, I am so grateful to her!
 I knew that I wanted to recover a clip board with some scrapbook paper and I was looking through some linky parties and found that someone had made matching pens to go with the clipboard! I have searched and googled to see if I could find out who came up with this idea..but, I can't find if you happen to be the one who came up with it,please let me know so I can give you the credit for the matching pen idea!GENIUS..I tell ya, pure genius! So, I did a clipboard with two matching pens,and added some "hugs & kisses."
{just had to give her some loves}

CA-UTE!  OK so let me share how I did this and what you'll need if you want one!

1.  Clip board {Dollar tree}
2.  Pens {Dollar tree}  They were Pentel
3.  Cute paper
4. Mod Podge/brush
5.  Ribbon
6. Tulle
7.  Round punch
8.  Hershey's hugs and kisses {walmart} $2.50 each
9. cellophane
10.  Stamps/ black ink pad
11.  Sand paper

First I traced the clipboard on to the paper, cut it out, then mod podged it to the board. The paper I used had print on both sides so I decide to flip the paper over and trace the clip part so that I could use the other side too...yeah, that didn't work out so well. 
What I ended up doing was cutting two separate pieces and then a strip to go under the clip part.  Then I used a piece of brown ribbon to "clean" it up a little..I liked how it looked so YAY!  Then I mod podged over the entire board, ribbon and all.   Next I sanded around the entire board (edges).  Used the punch and cut out circles and then I used letter stamps to write "Mrs. Shaw" and "Hugs & Kisses." 

Now the pens,  first I rolled the paper around a pencil...too big, then I decided to take the pen apart (which is very easy) and wrap it around the actual ink part...uh...kinda hard.  The paper has to be a exact,  meaning, if it is to wide, it won't fit, if it isn't wide enough it doesn't cover the entire inside. 
 I won't lie, I did get a little frustrated cause it was supposed to be as easy putting it together as it was taking it apart! 
 Sorry, I didn't measure it either so I'm not much help, but maybe you won't have such a hard time!  After those were done, I was ready for a nap!  No...I'm just kidding!  I was happy that they looked so cute!  I poured so hugs/kisses into the bag put the label on and tied it with a matching brown bow.  My Princess signed the back with her name!  And then we were done!  This cost me about $3.00.  I had most of the things here. 
Hubby was happy because we had "Hug's & Kisses" left over for him!

Have a fan-tabu-lous day!
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  1. this is so cute. especially love how you altered the pens

  2. this is darling! I love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your fun comment! And yeah the follow button will be under the "let's be friends" section! Thanks again! I am glad we can be blogging buddies! I love your blog!

  3. As a former teacher, I would have loved to receive this as a gift. I used clipboards for EVERYTHING!!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh ma, I just love this gift so classy! I am going to feature it on my blog soon... hopefully! Thanks for showing off on my blog!


  5. What a cute idea as a teacher's gift!
    Thank you so much for linking this up as well!

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