Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My name is Kirsten and I make lists!

Heck ya! I am addicted to making lists...not just one or two...more like three or four or more!   I call  these handy little things my "dot lists" because  I put a dot or hyphen before each to do thing-y. It's just cuter that way! and yes, I just said thing-y, I even say thing-er too.  I know they aren't really words but I'm really good at making up my own vocabulary, and I'm also really good at getting off the subject and anyway... oh yeah, I was talking about my lists.  It seems like I always have a small stack of papers that I am constantly moving from place to place.  Bills/my lists etc. I'll put them in the desk in our office,then I'll move them to the kitchen, to go through them and then I decide  I will go through them while I'm in my bedroom... Musical Chairs with papers.   Do any of you do this?  I swear I can drive myself crazy!

Here's a few that I sorted out last night.

Dot lists...Why do I make them?  Well, first of all I know that if I write it down, I will remember the things I was thinking I needed to do or things that I wanted to accomplish in that day.  I kinda think of them as my friendly reminder! 
I decided since lists help me in other areas that I needed a "Daily Workout & Good Eats Plan" I didn't want to have papers laying around or be wasteful, so this is what I came up with:

I typed up everything I wanted it to say  using MR. GIGGLES font then printed it off on a piece fun colored scrapbook paper, laminated it so that I can use my dry erase marker on it to change it everyday!  If you want you could put it in a frame and then just write on the glass of it, or even laminate it like I did but, put some magnets on the back and stick it to your fridge.  Pretty easy and the best thing is I can just wipe off and re use it!   Now for the other lists...Yeah, I will still probably make those cause I'm addicted to them....can't help it! 

I'm off to 'Workout"  Have a great day everyone!



  1. I love lists too! Unfortunately I am better at making them than I am following.

  2. I have lists all over the do at name it. I should probably do this project, its cute and would cut down on paper :0) Also I need to have you help me cutsify my food blog one of these days. You keep changing yours and they are all way cute.

  3. I'm a list maker too. I try to consolidate them to one notebook, but if it's not within arm's reach when I want to write something down, I grab whatever paper is closest. I have to admit that I rarely complete everything on my to-do lists, but at least they make me feel more organized! And I have a horrible short-term memory, so lists and notes are essential for remembering things.

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