Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Magnets and Clips!"

Hi you guys!  How are you all today?  Do you all have your Mother's Day gift's already?  How 'bout maybe a teacher appreciation gift?  If not, I Have to  show you what I whipped up for my pretty Princess's teacher.  Pretty Princess is in fifth grade this year.  She has learned so much from her teacher.  Not just in school work but in other areas too!  She has learned how important it is to be prepared, on time, listening attentively etc.  Mrs. S. is very firm, well organized, and  lets the kids know what she expects from them.  No more "babying!"  Because it is Teacher Appreciation week,  I felt like I needed to let Mrs. S. know how much I appreciate her ! This is what I came up with...Easy and Cute! AND the great thing is she can decide whether she wants to use them at home or at school.

"Magnets & Clips"

If you want to make these yourself this is what you'll need:
-Scrapbook Paper
-Glass Stones
-Mod Podge
-Round Magnets
-Clothes Pins
-Fingernail File /Sand Paper

!. Apply mod podge to the stone press it onto the paper (when I had all of mine on the paper I put a few heavy books on top for extra weight)
2. Apply mod podge to the tops of the clothes pins.  Then turn them over(mod podge side facing down and just line them up in a row on the paper, but space them enough that you can cut them out.
3. Let dry.  I let mine dry overnight, but they probably need at least a good 20 minutes.
4.  Once the glue is dry.  Cut around each glass circle.  Do the same with the clothes pins.
5.  The magnets I bought already had foam/sticky pieces on the back so I just stuck those right on!  Done with the magnets.
6.   Apply another  thin coat of mod podge to the top of the clothes pin.  Wait for it to dry, about another 10 minutes or less.  I used a old fingernail file to the file the edges of the clothes pin.  Then I applied stain to the whole thing.  I clliped them on a matching piece of paper.

 Put them in a clear bag, tied a orange bow on it....WA-LAH  all done!

* I have seen this idea around blogland, in craft boutiques etc.  I did not invent the magnet stones or clothes pin clips*

Have a fantastic day!

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