Friday, May 6, 2011

"To: Mom.... Love: Kirst"

Hi Guys!
It's Mother's Day in a couple days! My Mom is a follower of my blog and a faithful "checker" everyday! Today I thought I would write a little something to my mom in honor of Mother's Day.


When we were little you read us bedtime stories and even taped a few...
so when we had a sitter with us we could still listen to them from you

Each morning for breakfast you made oatmeal or cream of wheat,  {Ummm...YUCK!}
Toast was my choice of breakfast cause the other stuff I wouldn't eat

You always had dinner ready by 5:30 everyday
As a Mom now I look up to you for that in every way

You taught us to work hard and play hard too
For this I am grateful because I now know how to "DO"

I find myself doing and saying some of the same things to My Pretty Princess that I vowed I would never say to my kids!  I now realize as a parent you were only teaching us to become the best we can be, and not "just being a big old meanie!" I am grateful to you for the person you have helped me to become. The relationship that we have today. The friendship that we share. Thank you Mom for everything that you do for me and my sweet family.
 I Love you very much! Happy Mother's Day!

Because I don't want to give you the  ick-a-bo-teet-us (aka cold) that I have we are staying home this year.  I'm sorry I can't be there to share this I want to show you what will be waiting for you until I see you!

As we say in this house...
Love you more than FOREVER!


  1. HOw very nice for your Mom! Your subway art is great and your Mom must be great! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments.


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