Friday, April 8, 2011

Talkin' Hair!

Hi Guys! Let's talk some hair bling today! First off I have to tell you all how sorry I am that my post was so late yesterday.    I spent the afternoon with my sister and her sweet family.  By the time I left her house it was snowing HUGE snowflakes! My Mom called me just to make sure everything was OK
{She knows I have kinda become a little obsessed  just a tiny bit with my blog}   Oh, and maybe it's because she likes to see my posts everyday too...just maybe {wink} So back to the weather....

Ummm..Spring...what happened?!?
The weather is supposed to be pretty nasty until Thursday of next week...UGH!  I guess
we could always use the rain, but snow and COLD please stay away!!
There now that I have complained a little, you all listened, I'm all done.

 How 'bout we talk some hair now?

 So I'm sure you've all seen these super cute headbands, rosettes, fabric etc. hair things around blog land.  Me being the kind-of girl that
 " sees something....likes it... I do it!"
   I HAD to make some of my own with a little tweaking here and there.

{Gosh,  all  Pretty Princess' need some cute stuff for their hair! Right?}

Today I wanted to show you a few of the fun hair things I have made.  I will definitely do a tutorial on these sometime.  They were all inexpensive and  really easy too!
OOPS..I spelled Rosettes me still?

My Pretty Princess with one with the big black flower headband in her hair.  Love this beauty to Itsy Bitsy Pieces!Have a FAN-TABU-LOUS  day! Stay warm!

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  1. Hi I totally love your stuff! i am giving you the Versitile Blogger award. Head over to my blog and follow the instructions! Congrats


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