Thursday, April 14, 2011

Strawberry Filled Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes

Hi Guys...I have a super yummy cupcake recipe to share with you today!  Are you excited? OOh.... I am.  These look and taste yummy to your tummy!  I made these yesterday  to take to my Enrichment Meeting for Relief Society.  I'm on the committee and we all made cupcakes to put on the tables for the center pieces.  I chose to make a vanilla cupcake with vanilla butter cream frosting and a strawberry jelly filling.  We then had each sweet lady bring a copy of their favorite recipe and the dish to share. 
All the food they brought to share was delicious!  It turned out to be a fun night.   
We plan on making a small recipe book  out of the recipes and give to each of them.  I turned out to be a fun night!  Now.....are you ready for that recipe? 


Strawberry Vanilla Cupcakes

1 box yellow cake mix
Strawberry Jam

 Fluffy Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting:
             -Martha Stewart-
4 sticks unsalted butter softened
6 C. sifted powder sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 pinch salt 
Put butter in bowl, beat on medium-high until pale & creamy, about 2 minutes,reduce speed, add
powdered sugar 1/2 C. at a time, mixing well, about  5 minutes total- Add vanilla,salt (if needed)
Raise speed to high beat until smooth -about 1 minute.
Mix and cook the cupcakes according to directions on the box.  Cool cupcakes.  Use a knife to cut out a circle in the middle of your cupcake being careful to keep the middle in one piece so you can put it back in.  Place a tsp. of Strawberry Jam in the center,cover the strawberry filled hole back up with the piece of cake and frost with the butter cream icing! Add red sugar sprinkles if you want!

* Revised* ( I cut the recipe for frosting in 1/2 it frosted 24 cupcakes with about 1/2C. frosting leftover)

Printable Strawberry Filled Vanilla Butter cream Cupcake recipe

All done!  Wanna see what it looks like in the middle when I cut it in half?

I know...I kinda squished the cupcake...

A little better...maybe? 
OK... but, you get the idea, Right?

Hubby taste tested and said they were good..
maybe you all should make some and let me know what you think!

Have a super day!


  1. I am a wannabe cupcake maker and extremely jealous looking at this! I will need to try this and see if I can get it to work. so cool! thank you for leaving a comment on the dragons fairy tail! I love comments.

    your new follower,

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