Sunday, April 3, 2011

Menu Madness and Cookies 'N' Cream Cupcakes

Hi All!   I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We spent the weekend at home relaxing and watching  General Conference.  Such a great time of the year! 
 Even though it was FA-REEZING and there were some snow flurries...and my poor toes were so cold!

Did I ever mention how I DO NOT LIKE TO BE COLD!!!

Yep, It's true, Do not like it at all, but I DO love my trusty ole' space heater sure can get my tootsies all warm an toasty!  LOVE IT!

Today is...."Monday Menu Madness," I decided this week I would take a couple meals off my menu and do some tutorials on them... I'm excited for the three that I have chosen. 
They are super easy AND super Yummy!  Ooh...I can't wait! is the menu:

                  Monday: Kahua Luau Soup      Tutorial
Tuesday:  Sun dried Tomato Calzones
Wednesday:  Chicken Divan
        Thursday:  Leftovers +  Homemade Oreos     Tutorial
                      Friday:  A Really Good Zucchini Casserole    Tutorial
                                 Saturday:  Hobo Dinners                            
Sunday:  Taco Soup
A.N.D because I LOVE YA..I'm going to share a Super Easy one right now!


This is all you need!
-Cake Mix 
-Oreo cookies
                    Make the cupcake batter according to what the box calls for... (I use milk instead of water
My Sweet Mother-in-Law taught me really make all the difference no more water in our cakes!) Crush the Oreo cookies and mix all but three cookies into the  cupcake batter, then bake @ 350 degrees for 18 minutes! 

Wait Patiently for them to cool down and FROST! 
(I snipped the corner of a baggie off, filled it with frosting then topped the cupcakes)
Sprinkle with some crushed Oreos and there you have it ...

See...I told you... Easy Peasy and Oh so yummy! 


  1. Oh yum! I'll have to try this! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

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  3. I am a new follower, love your blog, you are so creative!


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