Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How It All Began.....

Good Morning!  I thought today I would let you all know how and why I started blogging.  Sit back grab a glass of cold ice water {with a little Cran-Raspberry juice mixed in} and listen to how it began!

In December of 2009 I was listening to the TV as I was doing dishes.  On Channel 5 they have a program called Studio 5.  I heard them talking about how there was going to be an upcoming segment on neighbor Christmas gifts for under $5.00 .  I was intrigued!  I immediately  stopped what I was doing, sat down on the couch and waited for the commercial to get over.
 This super cute lady started showing these really  cute things she had made from dollar store stuff!   I wanted some!  At the end of the segment they talked about finding everything that she had shown on the show and where  I could find this cute lady's blog!

  I was running for a pen as fast as I could and repeating the name over and over in my head just in case I didn't get the pen fast enough, I would remember it! 

You all  know  EXACTLY what I'm talking about don't you!

As  soon as I had it written down, I grabbed my laptop and started looking!  I fell in love with her ideas, and everything was cheap,cute and easy! YAY!

After I made a few cute things. I would check her blog randomly and I became a FB friend so I could learn about the latest posts!

After Christmas I would just randomly "check her out"  I really didn't realize there was
I know...crazy right!?

Anyway,  In December of 2010 we had a RS Super Saturday at our church,  some of the stuff we did was found from different blogs...again...I got super excited!

It was then Lil Luna was introduced to me...Love her Temple pictures that you can customize!
now there was no going back!  I fell in love with blogging.  I would jump on the computer each night and spend time just going to linky parties and checking everything out.
I would just type in the names of the ones I looked at most:
I heart naptime
Lil Luna
House of Hepworth
House of Smith
Tatertots and Jello
and of course

Then I would see the "follow button"  on the side...follow?  What would happen if I followed?  Umm. DUH! It was then I realized a if  "I" a blog  I could  become a follower!  I mainly started the blog to keep track of all my fave's and get updates on their posts!  I was in HEAVEN!

After awhile of making things that I would see, I thought to myself "Kirst, you can do this, it is what you like to do, maybe you can even have your own shop one day."  So then the idea was born!
I was so excited to get my first follower...and I am ecstatic to keep growing a
and see the followers I am continuing to get ... it amazes me! 
Thank you all of you for your sweet,kind and encouraging words!

 I am new to the blogging world, I still have so much to learn.
 I am NOT the most computer smart person,
(Google has become my new best friend!)
 I still don't know everything, but, I'm learning..and loving it!

Stay tuned for tomorrows recipe!  It's a yummy one!

A big THANK YOU to all of my family and new friends for the support and kindness!

Loves and Smiles,


Thanks for leaving some "LOVES" and making me smile!