Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Heads Up!"

Good Morning!

Can I start off by telling you all how amazing and sweet I think you all are!  When I first started this adventure a month ago I wondered if  anyone would like any of the things that I made. I just have to tell you all THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!  You all leave such sweet comments and it's a bonus when I get to check out your blog and become a follower of yours and learn to make things from you all too! 
I've written about how I am so indecisive...yes, I truly am...I wanted to let you all  know I am going to be working on my blog header and  changing the fonts in it.  It is just not exactly what I want!So I'm asking, begging and pleading { just kidding } for you to please be patient with me as I am trying out new things.  I'm hoping to get it done by this weekend. So hopefully by Monday Mushki Loves will be what I LOVE!

Well I yesterday I told you all that I would be doing Pretty Princess' teachers door for Teacher Appreciation Week.  It didn't quite come out exactly how I envisioned but it turned out okay!
 (Sorry about the blurry pics!)

What I did for this door

-took pictures of all the kids cut them out with a 2 inch circle punch (yes, I bought it just for this) JoAnns was having a30% off sale and then they honored Micheals 20% off everything already on I scored it for 50% off.  The thought of cutting out thirty perfect circles  UGH!.

-had the kiddos write a note on a recipe card then I  compiled them into a mini recipe book
-print and cut out chef hats
-sliced all the hat with an exacto knife on the crease so I could put the picture inside of the hat so it looked like they were wearing them
-made a huge recipe card
-used brown paper to make a mixing bowl and stuffed it with some of the brown paper
-pink  background
-brown top and bottom

So I have to tell you what I did...I put the whole thing on the door the wrong way!  I had to take it off and start again!  Then there were a few places we put the kids in their chef hats and it just didn't look right, but when we took it off it would rip the couldn't take them off once they were up!  (Pretty Princess was helping me)  I wasn't planning on tracing the chef hats with color but I thought it just need a little something!  I made a mini recipe book for Mrs. Shaw.  Each of the kids wrote something that they had learned and enjoyed from her this year OR something they really like about her.  I could not get my printer to work, so I had to hand write "from the kitchen of:  Mrs. Shaw's Class 2010-2011" Ugh!  It would have been so much cuter with the fonts I had chosen. I'm now wishing I would have put on my thinking cap then..and just scattered the recipe cards around and put the kiddos picture by their "recipe!"  I wanted to put wooden spoons around it as the border...ya, that didn't happen!  We had three hours to decorate.  Me spending a 1/2 hour trying to get my printer to having to re-take it off and start over...left me with only  2 1/2 hours!  I thought I was being so smart having everything pretty much ready to go!  Oh, well...I guess it's Okay,  It just kinda bums you out when you have it all perfect in your head and it doesn't turn out that way!  Hope she likes it!

Thanks for listening to my rambling you all are AWESOME! 
Have a great weekend!


  1. How cute is that?! You are so creative and I love reading you blog!

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