Friday, April 29, 2011

Fantabulous Friday!

Hey you guys!
 This is seriously a FANTABULOUS Friday!  I've got to start out by telling you all what a A.W.E.S.O.M.E husband I have! Can I brag a little?  Last night I was checking out my kitchen floor as I was sweeping...
Guess what it needed?   Yep a good mopping, not just my usual "spot cleaning"
{sigh... enters hubby}
I  know, it isn't a hard thing to do, it's just so..{I can't think of the right word} UGH! ya, UGH! 
 I asked my sweet hubby  if he would mop the floor {in my super nice voice of coarse!}
 and yeah, he did it for me!  Geez, what did I do to deserve such a great guy!  I have a keeper!  He really is the best!
 A freshly mopped, clean, mmmm smelling, dirt free floor! Oh, how I adore you!

Another reason it is a Fantabby day is .....I am so excited because .....
I am getting a silhouette! 
I ordered  it last night!  YAY!  I am beyond excited! But enough about that!

Remember my pedestal canisters 
How I made them found.. here
I have to show you what I filled my them with for the spring/summer...

I used some paint sample cards I stole got from Home Depot!
I cut them out in circle shapes glued a ribbon on the side, printed out the word pop!
with my computer tore it out ,laminated it and then used the same colored ribbon to tie it onto the jar. I am loving the fun colors! 

What do you think?
Do I need to cut the ribbons down a little?  Maybe instead of a bow just tie it into tiny knot and have the ribbon kinda "stick out"? 

All in all I think they are what I had in mind!
I am decorating Pretty Princess' teachers door after school today
 for Teacher Appreciation Week... I will take pictures to show you all!  I'm hoping it turns out as cute as I have it in my mind! 



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