Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Morning Fun!

 Hey....It's F.R.I.D.A.Y....Yay!  I love Friday...There is something about knowing it's the end of the week that just makes me happy!  At my house that means not having to WAKE UP and RUSH a cute girl who gets super grumpy because I'm hurrying her, and telling her, "If she would've just gotten up when I told her to then I wouldn't be rushing her!!"  Being out of school for a couple days... LOVE IT!

I headed over to Hastings yestersday and picked up....

I have heard it is such a cute movie.  I HAD to get it!   I  HAVE to see it before I know if I want to buy it...right?  The cute girl at Hastings told me she did the same thing and then wished she had just bought it because it was "A BUY" movie... REALLY??? good thing I had credits and it didn't cost me one penny to rent!  My Pretty Princess is having a sleepover  with my parents so we actually watched it before school this morning.  It IS a cute movie, and the great thing is, I didn't have to do the"rush" thing either!  AWESOME!   Happy morning!  Just gotta love a good start to the day!  Have Fabulously Fun Friday!!!!

I won't be posting on Saturday or Sunday, but....I will make it up to you!
PROMISE!  Have a great weekend!

*Tangled DVD picture from Amazon


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by and of course for your sweet comment ;)
    We bought Tangled this week 3 year old son has been sick the past two days and we have watched it 5 (yes 5!) times! It IS super cute...but sheesh...I didn't know my little guy was so in-touch with his inner princess ;)

  2. i'm your newest follower too! so nice to meet you, glad you found me. can't wait to read more.


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