Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why I Love My Paul Mitchell!

OK, this is such a random post. I'll admit it! As I was doing my hair this morning I was thinking...OOH I could write a post on why I love me some Paul Mitchell and why there are only two brands I will even put on my hair. I went to Beauty school, finished, and while I worked doing hair, I  have tried so many products.  I know that is it a personal preference...Paul Mitchell...Paul Mitchell...I LOVE IT! Did you like my little cheer there? The great thing about salon hair products is they are made to meet the specific needs of your hair! Love it!

So these are the the products I use & in the order I use them each day:
Awapuhi Shampoo
Detangler Conditioner
Super Skinny Serum
Soft Spray

Awapuhi Shampoo is versatile. If you style your hair alot and color your hair it is awesome. I pretty much flat iron my hair everyday and just blow drying, round brushing, curling or using velcro rollers etc. is considered ALOT to your hair. It's perfect for my hair. The Detangler is conditioning but not heavy.  Super Skinny Serum, It will make your hair "shiny",soft, and get rid of the frizzy fly aways! Soft Spray, I love that I can spray and style as I go, give it a finishing spray and all done! Did I mention that they all smell yummy! Bonus! The sculpting foam is a mousse (I use this for my Pretty Princess's hair)When you use them all together INSTANT love, it makes your hair feel like heaven.

I know that I said that there is another one I use too.  Back To Basics by Graham Webb.  I like their Raspberry Almond Shampoo and Conditioner.  I still use all the same Paul Mitchel styling stuff!  When we were in school they  told us that your hair gets"used" to the product and after awhile it won't work the same way it did for you  so you have to "shock" your hair.  So every once in a while I switch but only until the bottle is gone and then it's back to my Pauly!   So like I said before this is totally random...but hey, that's how I am  I get a thought and HAVE to go with it!  Have great Saturday and I will see you all Monday!


  1. Just popped over from your comment on my blog. Yours looks like it's really starting to take shape! Good luck with it all! Let me know if you ever have any questions - I'm no expert, but I'll share what I know and have learned. :)


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